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Our GIS specialty and management consulting services are performed by PhD-level experts and are charged to our clients through either a fixed fee structure based on each project's size and complexity or an hourly-based fee structure.

We provide the following consulting services:

  • Environmental strategic analysis
  • Citizen narrative community mapping
  • Phronetic engagement research
  • Geographic Information System strategic evaluations, analysis and development
  • Professional environmental remediation reports.
what's new in 2017
  1. Our core research, development and consulting services are based on the emerging field of Mindful Policy Engagement, founded and developed by the eminent Professor of architecture and urban planning Dr. B. H. Schaban-Maurer, award winning author of 'Rise of the Citizen Practitioner,' a landmark study of direct citizen participation and policy. It addresses emerging policy areas of concern for municipal, state or provincial, institutional (governmental and NGOs), academic institutions, NPOs and professional organizations.
  2. Our three partner institutions are: The Earthnomad Foundation (a public policy 'Think Tank'); ARK Tectonics (architecture, urban design and urban planning firm) and the Urban Science Institute (phronetic critique, urban and public policy and phronetic engagement research)
  3. For general information
    our telephone is: 817.5543631
    Our email: information3MA@earthnomad.com
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