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USI is a leading provider of meta-research analysis, design, development and implementation of urban and public policy, forwarding the vision of the EARTHNOMAD FOUNDATION along with its partner organizations.

The institute provides forecasting and reporting on holistic policy design, in addition to consulting services, training and educational seminars in Mindful Policy Engagement, Phronetic Engagement, urban science, urban and public policy and Citizen Engagement strategies and techniques to non-profits, NGOs, government agencies, research institutions, citizen groups, neighborhood associations, public and private organizations and academic institutions.

"Urban Science integrates the basic tenets of the applied building sciences (architecture, urban design and urban planning) with the essential components of the field of Mindful Policy Engagement (value, value-rationality, context, and experience) seen through the lens of the social, health and environmental sciences (political science, sociology, communication, ecology and medicine) to describe and explain human urban environments. " (Dr. B. H. Schaban-Maurer, Urban Science Institute Director)